FBTB – From bean to Bar


From Bean to Bar Р From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate Bar

The work of chocolate follows a complex and wonderful process, from the colombian forests to the production factories. a perfect combination between scienze and art. The manufacturing of chocolate is a precise and scientific process, and yet, it still holds some of this magic and inspiration. From the cacao farms that can feel like enchanted forests, to the manufacturing plant, each step impacts the final quality of the chocolate and each step is a combination of science and art. Due to the great care and pride that our producers put into their work, these beans can be transformed into chocolate that will wow the senses and put a smile on your face.

The new mission of cioccolatitaliani is communicate the story and all process until the final product through FROM BEAN TO BAR.


Credits & specs

Retail and Creative Direction
Fabio Mennella
Enrico Muccio

Art Direction and Graphic Design
Claudia Alexandrino
Serena Viganotti

Cioccolati Italiani